Your Dapps entry point to wallet

WalletLink is an open protocol Meticulously crafted tool that provides a seamless, simple and secure connection between you and any decentralized application (DApp) on different network

  • Rectification

    Users can now verify your DApp without installing an extension

  • Validation

    Private keys never leave wallets, keeping user funds safe and encrypted

  • Recovery

    End-to-end recovery using client-side generated keys for all users guaranteed.

5 minutes to integrate

No server deployments, no new library to learn. To integrate with WalletLink, all you need to do is drop these few lines to initialize a web3 object. WalletLink takes care of the rest. WalletLink is open-source and uses minimal dependencies for maximum security and no code bloat.

Backed by the best

Reputable projects are supporting the WalletLink, either by providing an easy way to connect tokens or participating in Knowledge governance.

Battle-tested Reliability

WalletLink seamless technology has facilitated over $1M in trades and is audited and insured so users can trade, earn, and build with confidence.

Code Audited

On-chain & Open Source

Insured by

Bug Bounty

Integrate Wallet

Expand your dapp’s reach with just a few clicks.